With a profound belief in the potential inherent in the Palestinian community, Fahed Baker and Mohammed Jomaa joined to establish Innovative design in 2010. An architectural design firm committed to challenge the local political and economic obstacles with a holistic approach to reform the architecture in Palestine. Since its existence, Innovative Design has advanced towards achieving its goals making accomplishment after another. Setting new standards for the architectural design in a deprived context.
In 2016, Innovative design created the best shopping experience for the people in Gaza at Capital Enterprise Building. Soon the building had become an icon for the city of Gaza attracting people from the whole Gaza Strip.
Innovative Design studio specializes in contemporary modern. Provides design services for architecture, interior and urban planning to the local and the international markets.
Our concepts are deeply focused on enhancing the human experience, and reinforcing the connection with nature. We believe that buildings influence the complexities of our lives today and definitely will shape our lives tomorrow. Innovative Design focuses on creating timeless architecture that embodies the concepts of efficiency and sustainability. Vegetation, daylight and natural ventilation are inspirable qualities from the architectural space.

Innovative Design,
Building the Future.

Design Qualities


We seek to bring the daylight inside the building, to save energy, nurture our bodies, and protect our environment. Aesthetically, we like the sync between the indoor ambience and the color of the sky. We believe that daylight inspires our lives so we thrive to embrace its reality.


Inhabitable spaces should have enough openings to capture fresh air and desirable breezes, because natural ventilation can drastically change the space quality. In our designs, we make sure that fresh air circulates the space to cool the high temperatures and refresh the humid areas.


Nothing can represent nature in our buildings better than nature itself. Our designs celebrate the beauty of nature by inviting the vegetation inside. To preserve the ecological balance, reduce the carbon footprint, and create harmony between nature and the manmade structures.


Fahed Baker | Partner
Marwan Salama
Abdullah Nasrallah
Mohammed Jomaa | Partner
Ola Al Shawa
Karam Abuowda
Mohammed Abu Sidu

Alaa Al Mzainy

Soha Jomaa

June 27, 2018

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