Innovative Design Visit to Rashad El Shawa Cultural Center

August 02, 2018

The team at Innovative Design office visited Rashad Al Shawa Cultural Center at Gaza city on Thursday. The visit focused on studying the architectural elements of the building, and revisited the design principles applied in it. The building is considered to be the most significant mark in the history of modern architecture in Gaza. Unfortunately, the building is going through hard times of negligence and misleading maintenance. Several cracks is eating up the concrete body of the structure, and the waterproofing is deteriorated enough to cause leaks and moisture dwells within the structure. Recently, the concrete cover fell apart off one of the main supports of the outdoor terrace exposing the steel bars to instant corrosion. After meeting with the center administration on the day of the visit, Innovative Design gave recommendations to collect, organize and re- issue the As Built set of drawings for the building. And establish urgent fund channels to provide the maintenance needed to preserve the building.

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